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AutoShift Issues


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  1. Removing a Seized Sensor

    If you need to replace a sensor and run into an old one that is seized in the transmission then read the following..

    From 5th-Wheeeler (Jon):
    Personally, I would think long and hard before installing any type of non-removable flooring over the dog house inspection plate/panel.

    If your unlucky enough to have a seized AutoShift transmission sensor in that top location you will never be able to remove it without going in through the dog house as I had to and even then it was a Pita to get out.

    In fact, even after applying several forms of penetrating oil/fluid on the sensor for an entire week it didn't come out in one piece as we had to use an easy out, a pair of channel locks and a number of small Craftsmen implements to finally get it out in several pieces followed by a good heavy fluid flush just to make sure nothing small fell into the transmission.

    A call or three to Eaton tech support before using the easy out confirmed that this was the only way to get a seized sensor out of the cavity that it slips into as they have run across this very situation many times before.

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