Setting Up Montana LLC

Setting up Montana LLC


Here's a short list of law firms & businesses that can set up a Montana LLC.

1. Bennett Law Office P.C.

135 W. Main St,
Missoula, MT 59802

P.O. Box 7967,
Missoula, MT 59807

John M. Bennett - Attorney at Law
Thaddeus J. Brinkman - Attorney at Law
Alain B. Burrese - Attorney At Law
Tel: 866-543-5803
Fax: 888-543-5804

The average cost to set up a Montana LLC through Bennett Law Office on an HDT MH Conversion that is at least 5 years old but less than 8 years old was $1202.50 or $1374.50 with a fifth wheel or travel trailer over 16 feet in length back in 2006 therefore the charges may be higher today.

An HDT MH Conversion between 2 years old and less than 5 years old would cost an additional $91.75 and for an HDT MH Conversions less than 2 years old it would cost you an additional $150.00.

Here's a breakdown of the charges on a HDT MH Conversion between 5 years old and less than 8 years old including a 16 foot or longer fifth wheel or travel trailer.

$950.00 - LLC Setup Fee through Bennett Law Office
$100.00 - State of Montana Filing Fee
$152.50 - Montana MH (Volvo, Pete, KW, Mack or Freightliner) Yearly Registration Fee
$172.00 - Montana Life Time Registration Fee on Your Fifth Wheel.


If you opt to set up a Trust in Montana versus a Montana LLC the fee Bennett Law Office charges should be in the neighborhood of $100.00 less than setting up an LLC.

Bennett Law Office also charges a $150.00 yearly maintenance fee to maintain your LLC which includes forwarding you your new license plate/plates each year.

The LLC setup fee covers handling the paperwork on 2 MH's, vehicles, trailers or combination there of so you'll have to pay an adjusted setup fee if you need to register more than 2 of the above through your LLC.

Montana Motor Home Registration Fees


MH's over 11 Years Old Qualify for Permanent Registration.

One Time Montana Trailer Registration Fees

For further details I suggest that you read Registering HDT as motorhome in Montana which includes several links to various forms that are required to register an HDT as a MH in Montana or that you get in contact John M. Bennett himself.

2. Heggen Law Office

818 W. Central Ave, Suite 3,
Missoula, MT 59801

Jared S. Heggen, P.L.L.C. - Attorney at Law
Toll free: 888-777-5032
Phone: 406-327-0401
Fax: 406-543-9190

From 10-9jc:
I had investigated the MT LLCs with several of the MT firms providing this service.  I can't say one is better than the other, however, Mr. Heggen provided copies of the code sections for CA, AZ, and NV for me - (pertaining to the LLC's "residency" in those states) with legal opinions, as well as sending an "un-solicited" update via e-mail - about 6 Months after I last contacted him - when CA Recently changed the use tax law.  Realize they were looking at a potential client, but thought the info was very informative, thorough, and the price (free) was right!


3. MT Corporate Services

407 East King St,
East Helena, MT 59635-9037
Phone: 406-227-7665
Ask to speak with the owner, Helen Fandrich

From Ron Shar Travels (Ron):
I just established an LLC through MT Corporate Services located in East Helena, Montana at half the price Bennett Law firm quoted me.


4. $49 Montana Registrated Agent

505 E 2nd Suite B
Whitefish, MT 59937

Phone: 406-552-0004
Web Site

From thomasinnv (Derrick):
I formed my Montana LLC through very helpful, and even did a few extra things for me at no extra cost.  They will also handle the yearly reports, be your registered agent, and take care of any mail that ends up there.  They will do the vehicle registrations as well.  Their rates are lower than any other i have found.  Very good service.



This this post is by another forum member and is included for everyone to read that's considering setting up a Montana LLC.

From Fly'in Finn (Bradley):
Helen Fandrich is a Paralegal, economical and very pleasant.

I used Bennett Law Office to setup and manage my MT LLC so his setup and renewal fees are more than Helen's for sure but I felt comfort in knowing that John is an Attorney and has the staff to provide full legal services.  I also discovered that our RV insurance was cheaper when quoted as an LLC based out of John's Law Office in Missoula as opposed to Helen's location.  Not a big difference and did not offset the cost gap between the two services, but it helped.


Any vehicle that is registered through an LLC must show the LLC as the owner of the vehicle.  If you need to finance or re-finance an HDT or 5er it can be hard for an individual to find a financial institution that is willing to finance any vehicle which will be owned by an LLC.

Just in case anyone needs to finance or re-finance their HDT or 5er as part of setting up an LLC this information might be of some help with locating financing.

LLC Lender Information from Bennett Law Office:

If you finance the purchase of your motor home, your lender must be willing to write the loan in the name of your company.

An RV lender who can provide financing for purchases or refinancing in the name of your company is Destination Financial Services, LLC.

Please contact a RV Loan Specialist as they are experts at writing RV loans in the name of Montana Business entities, and can assist you with a loan to purchase a new or used RV, or to re-finance a loan you already have.  Their toll-free phone number is 877-553-3400 and their fax number is 406-721-3032.

If you are purchasing from a dealer, the dealer may have financing sources that will lend to the LLC.

Two banks that dealers use quite often are Citizens Automobile Finance and Commerce Bank.  Ask your dealer about financing with either of these lenders.  If the dealer does not have a relationship with either of these institutions, have them call us, and we will provide the dealer with contact information.


Jack Mayer has listed a few Pros and Cons on his web site, The LLC Option (Limited Liability Corporation), pertaining to setting up a Montana LLC and more information about registering an HDT Conversion.

LLC Guys lookout the Man is starting to look at you! has some issues with uising a Montana LLC.