Volvo Radio Replacement

Volvo Radio Replacement


  First, if you have to remove the radio. The standard Volvo radios use standard DIN removal tools. These are available at many places.  Some people have used coat-hanger wire, which will release the latches holding the radio.  The regular tools will release the latches and also hook the radio to be pulled out.

For anyone who's thinking about upgrading your OEM Volvo speakers here's the Speaker Wiring Codes for Generation I VN's .

These codes are the same for Gen I and Gen II VN's.

Connection Wire Code
Radio/CD Radio Feed (Power) 490
CD Radio Power Stud Feed 491
Radio Battery Feed 492
Door Speaker Left, Positive 497L+
Door Speaker Left, Negative 497L-
Door Speaker Right, Positive 497R+
Door Speaker Right, Negative 497R-
Rear Speaker, Left, Positive 498LR+
Rear Speaker, Left, Negative 498LR-
Rear Speaker, Right, Positive 498RR+
Rear Speaker, Right, Negative 498RR-
Dash Speaker, Left, Positive 499LF+
Dash Speaker, Left, Negative 499LF-
Dash Speaker, Right, Positive 499RF+
Dash Speaker, Right, Negative 499RF-
Lower Left Rear, Positive L+
Lower Left Rear, Negative L-
Lower Right Rear, Positive R+
Lower Right Rear, Negative R-
Subwoofer Coil 1, Positive S1+
Subwoofer Coil 1, Negative S1-
Subwoofer Coil 2, Positive S2+
Subwoofer Coil 2, Negative S2-



You may find that your rear speaker wires read:

498LA, 498LB, 498RA & 498RB

If the above URL doesn't work, go to and do a search for Item number 120701692 = In-dash stereo wiring harness for select Dodge, Mitsubishi, Plymouth, and Subaru models, 1979-up.

This photo is a Link to a picture of The Wandering Bevington (Bill)'s OEM Male & Female Radio Harness Connectors.



A picture of Bill's OEM Male & Female Radio Harness Connectors.

These connectors are for the Pre-2003 Volvos (left) and the Post-2003 Volvos (right) are found at BigRigStereo. You'll need a pair of GM Din radio removal tools, GM Delphi Radiko Removal Tool and   that are inserted into a pair of small holes on either side of the factory radio to release the locking tabs on the OEM radio.

The tools should be available at most stereo shops in your area, for free if you purchase a stereo at and in many cases in the car audio department at your friendly neighborhood Wally World or you can take your luck with fabricating a pair out of clothes hanger wire.

BTW, generally there is a nut on the back of the radio that has to be removed before the radio will come out of the dash.


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