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From 5th_Wheeler:
Many of the larger Pete and KW dealers also stock a good variety of aftermarket AR seats.  I highly recommend you sit in a variety of seats from various manufacturers before making your final decision based on what someone else says about a particular seat.  That being said IMPO the Sears Elite 80 AR Seats are hard to beat especially if you've put on a few pounds over the years.

My 2nd choice would probably be the Bostrom Wide Rides but several members have stated they weren't overly fond of the seats once they rode in them for awhile.

IMPO the National Premiums were a killer "Way to Narrow Across the Back" for me personally. I haven't had a chance to try these out but WhyW8 (Henry); said he really likes his Gramag leather covered Select's.


From Billr:

I just picked up a pair of Sears Elite 80 seats in black ultra leather, dual armrests at the MHC Kenworth dealer in Atlanta GA.  They were great to deal with.  I called and ordered them about 2 weeks ago and also ordered the Volvo adapter plates.  The Sears seats would not line up even close with bolt holes in the 770.  The base is several inches short of reaching the holes.  It only raised the seats about 1/2".  (Could have made some, but not in the parking lot of MHC where I changed them out!)  The seats with adapters fit perfectly, took less than an hour for me to swap them out.  I did have a hand to lift them in and out from the guy that bought the old seats (he met me there after buying them on Kijiji).  We are on the road so that was a bit of luck!  They were all interested in the rig with Smart and fiver attached.

They had originally quoted me a price of $779 each due to recent price increase.  When I picked them up they had priced them at $669 each which is very close to what they were 4 years ago from what I read in the old threads.

The adapter plates were list for $120 each and the charged me $69 each.

So, MHC is still a good choice for a retailer of these seats.  Here is their info:


From Fly'n Finn:
Bought my Sears Elites from the same folks last year.  Had the same experience.  Rick and Paul are first class people.

So you know, the service dept. will do a free viz test for you.  They did one for me when I picked up my seats.


From RandyA:
RandyA used some Honda Odessy seats as replacements in his Volvo. See Story.



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