Arrival Checklist

RV / 5th-Wheel Arrival Checklist


1. Never backup rig without safety observer with radio or standard hand signals.
2. At check in, decide where site is, how to get to it, and whether the Bikes need to be unloaded before parking in site.
3. At site do a walk around to check for obstructions and plan where FW needs to be with respect to hookups and slide operation. Confer with safety guard on plan before backing.
4. Pull or back into site with FW positioned correctly for hookups, slide, and tailgate.
5. Level side to side using Spirit Level and appropriate planks and blocks then set truck brakes, and put in park.
6. Chock wheels and install both vise chocks.
7. Lower landing gear(make sure pins are engaged) raising FW 1/8 inch off hitch.
8. Disconnect Electrical lead and breakaway cable from truck.
9. Dump Air Bag truck & Hitch.
10. Verify Landing gear is down, electrical, and breakaway cables are disconnected and tailgate is down "if applicable".
11. Remove safety pin. Pull out Hitch handle till unlocked and stays in the unlocked position.
12. Carefully drive out from under FW.
13. Set Parking brake clear of FW.
14. Level FW fore and aft using Spirit Level and landing gear to raise or lower, or auto level.
16. Disconnect battery landing gear lead to de-activate landing gear switch.
17. Lower FW steps and unlock doors.
18. Turn on Propane at tank and allow 5 minutes before lighting gas appliances.
19. Connect to shore power using surge protector/ safety lights. Follow procedure 2min 16sec.
20. Hookup water pressure regulator and filters to FW.
21. Use rubber gloves and connect sewer connection to campground inlet and arrange so will drain properly with supports.
22. Confirm hot water tank has filled before turning power on (two switches) or LP switch by sink (DSI) if LP is used.
23. Open vent, door, or window and check for obstructions inside and outside prior to extending slide.
24. Extend awning if appropriate anchor and place rugs and mat in place.
25. Unload chairs and other camping gear as needed.
26. Plug in voltmeter and verify in green before starting air conditioner or turning on furnace.
27. Turn on the refrigerator and set in auto or LP if no electricity.
28. Leave water pump off unless not connected to city water.



1. Remove food and any garbage or trash left from trip.
2. Open refrigerator door and cabinets for ventilation.
3. Place lock on Kingpin.
4. Disconnect battery. Check for correct water level and charge level.
5. Verify LP is off and remove empty tanks to be filled.
6. Lock all storage and main doors.
7. Remove or lock FW hitch in truck.
8. Put on covers (tires, AC, TrailerSaver, etc.)
9. Make list of anything to be repaired or obtained before the next trip.
10. Get things on list completed.