For savings on truck parts at NAPA Stores:

The Story:

I recently stopped into our local NAPA store to see what kind of price they would give me on a fuel filter for my Volvo.  The quote was $29.95.

I responded to the counterman that I felt the price was too high and asked if there was any way he could give me a break on the cost.

He handed me a small brochure for AITA (America's Independent Truckers' Association) that had a temporary membership card on the back.  He said, "Put your name here and show me the card."

I followed his directions and the price for the filter instantly dropped to $14.95.

When I got home I went online and applied for my permanent card.  It was all free.  I received the new card and two membership stickers along with an information packet in yesterday's mail.  Now, when I show the card at NAPA I will receive the "fleet" pricing on HDT parts.  If the NAPA store I visit is not familiar with the program I have a code the counterperson can enter that will allow the discount.

The filter was actually a Fleetguard, but in a NAPA box.

I like discounts. This is one that I see worthwhile.