TSLB Installation

An often contributor, RandyA, posted the steps he did  to mount his TrailerSaver Hitch.

After gratefully receiving all the parts, pieces and transportation to the ECR from some fellow HDT'ers the task of assembling the hitch, skinning back the wood-framed aluminum bed on our Volvo, removing the old Reese hitch, opening up the hitch access hole to expose the frame, drilling 5/8" bolt holes and putting the bed back together I am happy to share that the TSLB install is complete.  What I thought would take a "few" days turned into two weeks.  But, my work days were short - not more than 5 hours and all the heavy lifting was done with my 1955 Ferguson 35 and front loader.  I have a lower back "problem" and when I started hurting I quit working and took a nap.  Old folks can get away with doing that 

The 1/2" plate I had was about 3" too short to span across the frame to the OEM hitch mounting angle iron holes.  Fortunately, he-who-never-throws-anything-away still had the original hitch mounting frame buried under a rotting pile of leaves in a remote scrap metal pile on the "back forty".  I welded and bolted the 1/2" plate to this frame making a perfect mount.

I don't have a mag drill so the 5/8" holes were drilled with a B&D 1/2" corded drill.  I was turned over and under several times doing this when the drill bit would catch near the bottom of the hole.  That part of the job hurt

The loader on the tractor was used to lift the assembly and gently place it into the opening on the Volvo.

Once the assembly was bolted to the OEM outside frame mounted angle iron rail the pressure treated wood framing and aluminum decking/trim were reconfigured and closed in.  BTW - use of stainless steel hardware is a must in PT lumber.  Larger bolts through the 4x4 members are galvanized.  Aluminum to aluminum fasteners are either 3/16" or 1/4" aluminum pop rivets.

Finished height is 52" from the pavement to the top of the hitch head.  Perfect for the pin box on our recently acquired Keystone Cambridge.

This assembly is not something I would want to do a second time - especially by myself.  But, if you are on a limited budget and own a HDT it is what you do.  Thank goodness for front loaders and great friends in the HDT community.