Set VED12 Idle Speed

Setting Volvo VED12 Idle Speed


Billr (Bill) reported the procedure for setting the Idle Speed for his 2001 Volvo VED12 engine. Instead of accessing the ECM computer, the procure uses the Cruise Control controls.

To adjust the VED12 Idle Speed:
  • The Engine is running with the coolant temperature above 122º
  • The Park brake is on
  • The PTO is NOT engaged
  • The Transmission is in Neutral
  1. Set Cruise switch to ON
  2. Hold foot brake on during entire process for safety
  3. Move Cruise switch to RESUME and HOLD there for 4 seconds, release switch and Idle will go to base setting
  4. Idle can be adjusted with Set buttons Up to increase 10 rpm per click, Down to decrease...
  5. When done setting, Hold the SET and RESUME at the same time for 4 seconds and release both
  6. Release foot brake and Idle is set