Truck Conversion Companies

Truck Conversion Companies


** Non-Recommended Companies: **

State City Facility Comments
Minnesota Elrosa Bayer Auto, Inc.
406 3rd Ave,
Elrosa, MN 56325

Phone: 320-697-5671
Non-Recommended by cadonnelly (Chuck):
Texas Everman First Time Truck Repair
322 Thomas Pl. #A,
Fort Worth, TX
- OR
3610 Shelby Rd,
Everman, Texas

Phone: 817-551-5354
Non-Recommended by DIYGuy (Mark):

Before using this company performed a about the shoddy & dangerous conversion they did on Mark's truck that was found by a VIS Check.

2BTRVLN (Charlie) had a breakdown in Oregon that he had with his 770 purchased from the same person who sold Mark his 770 plus it was also singled improperly by the same company.

BTW, this is not the first Bad Experience that Charlie has run into with his improperly converted truck.


** Recommended Companies: **

State City Facility Comments
Alabama Double Springs R&R Trucking
17901 U.S. 278,
Double Springs, AL

Phone: 205-489-3132
Ask to speak with Rick Garrison
Recommended by JRoger (Roger):
Arizona Phoenix Interstate Wreck Rebuilders
3215 W. Lincoln,
Phoenix, AZ

Phone: 602-272-2298
Ask to speak with Joe
Recommended by Tom Gierisch (Tom):

This is where Tom ended up having his truck singled & they he said they treated him right.

Arizona Phoenix Preferred Fleet
2630 West Durango St,
Phoenix, AZ 85009

Phone: 602-269-7700
Recommended by Tom Gierisch (Tom):

Clutch and General diesel work.

Arizona Phoenix MC & Sons
3434 N 28th Ave,
Phoenix, AZ

Phone: 602-716-0606
Recommended by Tom Gierisch (Tom):

Single out & suspension work. Mobile work also. Best price he received on singling his truck.

Arizona Phoenix Precision Trailer
723 E. Buckey,
Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 602-528-0899
Ask to speak with Senad
Recommended by Tom Gierisch (Tom):

Trailer parts and Flatbed decks.

Arizona Phoenix Metalwest LLC
4256 E Elwood St,
Phoenix, AZ 85040-1924

Phone: 602-253-1400
Recommended by Tom Gierisch (Tom):

Aluminum diamond plate with Great prices.

California Sacramento Sacramento Kenworth
707 Display Way,
Sacramento, CA 95838

Phone: 916-371-3372
Fax: 916-371-4612
Ask to speak with Willie Williams
Recommended by Bob T (Bob)

Bob had his T2000 single here and in fact they located a new axle midway between the factory tandems after they removed the factory axles.

Colorado Longmont Mountain Truck and Equipment Co.
717 S Main St,
Longmont, CO 80501

Phone: 303-776-4603
Recommended by DJW (Dennis):
Connecticut New Milford RAC Diesel Service Inc.
42 Old State Rd,
New Milford, CT 06776

Phone: 860-350-4722
Fax: 860-350-4713
Ask to speak with Rick Camejo, the Prezzz
Recommended by Charlie P:

From Charlie P: Western Connecticut's most complete Truck and Trailer repairs. Based on what he showed me, I believe he is fully capable of doing any required conversion work.

Florida Lake City North Florida Truck Parts
Highway 240,
Lake City, FL 32024

Toll Free: 800-356-0931
Phone: 386-752-8238
Fax: 386-755-6070
Ask to speak with Steve the shop foreman
Recommended by Tetoner (Mike):

DamianF (Damian) said it's a good independent shop with decent enough rates.

Florida Lakeland Tampa Spring Co.
710 S Combee Rd,
Lakeland, FL 33801

Toll Free: 888-937-0406
Phone: 863-937-0406
Fax: 863-937-0410
Ask to speak with Wayne Campbell
Recommended by Maltruck (Jim):

From Jim:
I paid $1,500 to have the rear axle moved forward and to have a new drive shaft made and I'm quite happy with the work and price I paid.

Reference #2:
chuckm4689 (Chuck) also had his axle conversion work done at Tampa Spring and he stated that he was also pleased with their service.

Florida Ocala Tampa Spring Co.
4225 W Hwy 40,
Ocala, FL 34482

Toll Free: 888-690-1656
Phone: 352-690-1656
Ask to speak with Kevin Sheppard
Recommended by Maltruck (Jim):

From Jim:
I paid $1,500 to have the rear axle moved forward and to have a new drive shaft made and I'm quite happy with the work and price I paid.

Reference #2:
chuckm4689 (Chuck) also had his axle conversion work done at Tampa Spring and he stated that he was also pleased with their service.

Florida Tampa Tampa Spring Co.
8820 N Brooks St,
Tampa, FL 33604

Toll Free: 888-933-2805
Phone: 813-933-2805
FAX: 813-933-5292 Ask to speak with Mark Mahoney
Recommended by Maltruck (Jim):

From Jim:
I paid $1,500 to have the rear axle moved forward and to have a new drive shaft made and I'm quite happy with the work and price I paid.

Reference #2:
chuckm4689 (Chuck) also had his axle conversion work done at Tampa Spring and he stated that he was also pleased with their service.

Georgia Bremen Buy-Rite Trucks
684 Asa Cash Rd,
Bremen, GA 30110

Near I-20 at the Georgia/Alabama line
Phone: 770-824-5578
Ask to speak with the owner, David Head.
Recommended by RandK:
Kansas Beloit Kohler's Garage
3139 US Highway 24
Beloit, KS 67420

Phone: 785-738-2140
Fax: 785-738-3487
Ask to speak with Joe Kohler
Recommended by Phil D (Phil):

From Phil:
They did an excellent job on my conversion.

The work was rather extensive, since it required the complete removal of the KW Air-Glyde 200 suspension and DS-404 axle set, the installation of an RS-404 axle and Air-Liner suspension from a Freightliner, and the installation of a Henry Szmyt's ET Air Ride Hitch.

Please Note, this is a Small, Family Owned and Run Business.

Joe, his son, and his brother do all of the shop work. For that reason, they are very busy during planting and harvest seasons, since most of their customers are farmers. At those busy times they wouldn't be able to take on conversion work, but they would be happy to work on them outside of those times.

Minnesota Sauk Rapids GATR Volvo
218 Stearns Drive,
Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

Toll Free: 800-771-4287 x 123
Fax: 320-251-2537
Recommended by 5th_Wheeler (Jon):

From Jon:
I've spoken with Jon Pearson GATR Volvo's sales manager and he said they will do single axle conversions and that their price would be in the $1500.00 price range.

Nebraska North Platte Nebraska Truck Center
2502 East 4th St
North Platte, NE 69101

Toll Free: 800-233-9934
Phone: 308-532-7730
Fax: 308-534-1309
Ask to speak with Rod Stagemeyer
Recommended by hogger (Rex):

Rex said he was well pleased with their service and their price of $1370.00 to drop the front Axle and move the rear axle forward.

New Mexico Albuquerque Woodard L H & Sons
2627 Coors Boulevard SW,
Albuquerque, NM 87121

Phone: 505-877-4508
Ask to speak with Leon
Recommended by Dave & Renee (Dave)

From Dave:
We don't have any experience with their work but they were recommended by another company we talked to. Their bid was something less than $2000 to move the rear axle forward or $1100/$1200 to leave the rear and drop the front. They said they didn't know of any market in the area for the removed parts so couldn't help with that.

North Carolina Sofia Fleet Painting Service and Trailer Repair
4958 Old Marlboro Rd,
Sofia, NC - 27350

Phone: 336-861-1387
Ask for Randy and tell them David from DE sent you.
Recommended by Toterman (David):

David has helped keep them in business by having his 420 painted here twice & his 610 painted once. They're also willing to position the rear axle midway between the factory tandem locations which would give you the best of both worlds between a shorty and tandem axle rig.

Nova Scotia Dartmouth Parts For Trucks Inc.
52 Wright Ave
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1G7

Toll Free: 800-565-4700
Phone: 902-468-6100 ext. 6014
Ask to speak with Todd MacDougall their Service Manager
Recommended by Jamie (Jamie):

From Jamie:
They are a very big outfit here in the Maritimes, and are well versed in everything class 8 related. Todd wrote me up a full estimate, and told me there would be no surprises. We dropped the tractor off and a few days beer later we picked her up. I am VERY impressed.

Oklahoma Oklahoma City City Spring Works, Inc.
1127 W Main St,
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Phone: 405-232-4155
Recommended by Ann N Gene (Gene)
Ontario St. Agatha RJ Trucks
1417 Notre Dame, Dr
St. Agatha, Ontario Canada N0B 2L0

Toll Free: 800-667-4173
Ask to speak with Tony Hartleib or Ron Strauss
Recommended by PSD Tweaker (Rick):
Oregon Newburg That Trailer Guy
4900 Portland Rd
Newberg, OR 97132

They are located 20 miles South of Portland
Phone: 503-481-9754
Ask to speak with the owner, Matt Geils
Recommended by Dnispdx (Dennis):

From Dennis:
Matt Geils, aka "That Trailer Guy" specializes in class 8 Volvo conversions, custom fabrication work including toter beds plus he's an authorized dealer for TrailerSaver hitches. Matt has also agreed to give forum members a discount on TrailerSaver hitch purchases.


Matt has done various repairs & welding on my truck & I've been very happy with the results.

Texas Alvarado Tru-Trac
5345 South I-35W,
Alvarado, TX 7609

Phone: 817-783-6506
Recommended by D & J (Doug)

From Doug:
Tru-Trac did my singling, front end repairs (tie rod), tires and installed Centramatics.
Tru-Trac also sells APU's, have their own CNC shop, and can do powdercoating.

Texas Anthony Westside Trucks
520 East Vinton Road,
Anthony, TX

Phone: 915-886-5600
Recommended by Dave & Renee (Dave)

This company was recommended to Dave when they called D-Square Industries to see if they did conversion work. The person they spoke with at Westside said their charge to drop an axle would be in the $1500 price range.

Texas Houstan Sweeten Truck Center
10111 East Frwy,
Houstan, TX 77029

Phone: 713-675-1515
Recommended by Gargolye (Phil)

BART was singled at Sweeten Truck Center (Volvo dealer) in Houston...... 10111 East Frwy (I-10 exit 776a) 713-675-1515 Their work is fabulous, AND they have steered all of my work (shocks, paint, singling, drag link recall, leveling valve replacement, spray-on bedliner in the wheelwells) to the body shop, rather than the mechanical shop.  The body shop has a cheaper labor rate than mechanical.  Wayne, the sevice manager, is super helpful and Eli, the body shop manager is great too.  Eli wants to paint the smart to color match BART...and is offering a great price.  I think Dandy takes his truck there for its annual physical too.

Texas Pharr Valley Volvo Truck Center
4301 North Cage Boulevard,
Pharr, TX - 78577

- A Volvo Dealer
Toll Free:800-725-0031 -OR-
Fax: 956-787-1303
Ask to peak with Geoff Mauldin their sales manager.
From Hogrydr (Jim):
Just got back from Valley Volvo Truck Center and while there Quinn The Eskimo (Gail) and I talked to the sales manager Geoff Mauldin.

Well the up shot of the conversations is this sales manger and his boss realized that they have a captive group down here every winter (400,000) RV'ers and they have gotten up to speed on what we do with these HDT's.

He was the most knowledgeable Volvo employee I have talked to yet with regards to a RV toter.

He was aware of the type custom features we want and knows how to get them done so we talked about everything from bed design to work stations in 630's. They know they will have to be innovative to sell a few trucks in this economy.

Texas Poolville 2L Custom Trucks
16191 FM920,
Poolville, TX 76597

Phone: 817-594-4333
waylandlong (Wayland)
Texas San Antonio Quality Truck & Trailer
4691 FM 1516 North,
San Antonio, TX

Phone: 210-661-3474
Ask to speak with Larry
Recommended by Enophite (Rich):
Texas Tyler Hall Volvo GMC
5721 Hwy 31 West,
Tyler, TX

Phone: 903-597-3568
Ask to speak with Donnie
Recommended by Talon Driver:

Important Note:

This company is a bit expensive and somewhat slow getting the conversion work done.

Washington Edgewood TheFabShop
Edgewood, Washington
- NE of Tacoma, WA
Phone: 253-568-9124
Ask To speak with Ken Rush or Eric Bakke
Recommended by 'Nuf Truck (Cal):

Cal said that the Fab Shop is a good place for conversions of all types.

Wisconsin Ripon Ripon Truck Repair and Equipment
W13117 Cork Street Rd.
Ripon, WI 54971

Phone: 920-748-2055
Cell: 920-428-3167
Ask to speak with Kevin Lieske
Recommended by Quinn The Eskimo (Gail):

Ripon is a one stop shop, Repair work, remove & move axles, metal work, and painting. Kevin and his four shop employees have done a very professional job on my 610.