Orphan Trailer Parts

Orphan Trailer Parts



State City Facility Comments
Indiana Elkhart DJ Specialties
P.O. Box 44,
New Paris, IN 46553

Phone: 866-252-7934
Ask to speak with the owner, Dave Troxel
If you own an orphaned Travel Supreme this is a good source for locating replacement parts.

Dave spent 10 years as the Parts Manager at Travel Supreme then when they shut their doors he decided to opened his own parts company for original factory parts and accessories for Travel Supreme Coaches and is reported to stock or have access to most if not all Travel Supreme parts.

Indiana Elkhart Midwest Custom RV Service Center
1201 D.I. Drive, Suite A,
Elkhart, IN 46514-5019

Toll Free: 888-594-2309
eMail: info@midwestcustomrv.com
From Mark & Dale Bruss (Bruss):
Bishop Christensen is a former Travel Supreme service rep that has formed their own service facility. Bishop knows the TS products & seemed very accommodating as he begins to build his new business.
Wyoming Casper RVT Services LLC
1215 North Wolcott,
Casper, WY 82601

Phone: 307-267-9416
eMail: tlharks@bresnan.net
Ask to speak with Terry Harkins
From HERO Maker (Rocky):
RVT Services LLC is owned and operated by former Teton employees including Terry Harkins Teton's former General Manager, and Travis, their former Plant Manager.

Rocky said that they are well pleased with the work that Terry, Travis and Dave did on our fiver.

Dave also worked at Teton on plumbing.

These guys knew what they were doing and it really showed.

If you are in need of repairs and can slide by Casper, their hourly rate is one of the lowest around, and they know your trailer, plus, they work on other model 5th-Wheel's and RV's beside Tetons


If Terry doesn't answer the phone, the message on the answering machine may reference , "Harkins' Custom Kitchens & Baths", - a business of his which is located at the same location - so leave your 5th-Wheel or RV related information on the answering machine and Terry will get back with you about your 5th-Wheel or RV related questions.